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Healthy Table


Luis & Michele’s strong relationship grew up with their shared love for the kitchen, good eats and gatherings around the table. It’s not a surprise to anyone seeing them cooking together as Personal Chefs!

They explore the nuances of being personal chefs in private homes, finding that the connection formed by cooking in people’s homes was not only rewarding on a personal level, but an amazing challenge to provide their clients’ tables with a variety of healthy and delicious meals.

Luis & Michele will prepare flavorful meals from around the world for you to enjoy, using fresh ingredients and international techniques, where color and presentation are important to your eating enjoyment. Luis & Michele mix of both exotic and familiar cuisine always to captive their audiences.

They together believe firmly that food is more than just a combination of ingredients -- it is a product of inspiration and imagination.

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About Luiz

I’m Brazilian by birth and have been living in the USA since the late 80’s. Although my curiosity about gastronomy started at early age, it was here that I have began cooking professionally. Since 1994 I’ve been directly involved with cooking. Working in restaurants and soon after as Private Chef for families in Westchester County NY.


My relationship with gastronomy is really a love story, it couldn’t be any different as I have devoted myself into learning and experimenting different techniques until I finally found my niche: Healthy Food.


In 2002 I have published “the Healthy Table”, a collection of recipes created and used in my professional activities. It was the beginning of the healthy cooking trend. Along the years it became a movement and nowadays with the modern food industry understanding that more and more people are really taking the journey towards good health, new products are being offered, the industry is really booming. Whereas before healthy food meant tasteless nutrition, today is a totally different animal ( no pun intended ).


My journey continues,  now along with the love of my life, Michele. Our collaboration and understand of food will take us to unknown but certainly amazing destinations.

About Michele

I grew up in the interior of Brazil in Goias, with an agricultural family background. My childhood memories are about celebrating ‘the bounty of the earth’s produce.

At the age of 25, I decided to come to the USA looking for better opportunities for my son and me; I immediately started working in the beauty industry, sometimes in Cosmetic Brand Companies and sometimes at MedSpa coordination. It seemed okay, but I didn’t feel fulfilled, and after ten years, I decided to follow my heart. The love of nutrition and wellness drove me to change careers, amazing, isn’t it?

I am now a Certified Personal Chef and Health Coach.

Luiz and I met when he was starting his Private Chef career.

At that time, we were just friends, and I would never have imagined that after almost 20 years, he would become the man of my life; but besides that, I always had a lot of admiration for his cooking style, which was very similar to mine.

In 2018 I looked for a professional opportunity in the gastronomy area, but I didn’t know-how. I was sure I didn’t want to be working in restaurants, that’s when I came across the term Functional Gastronomy, and I identified myself immediately. It was the beginning of my process of finding my voice in the kitchen. So I dove into the Functional Gastronomy education and got my certification in 2020.

Through the Health Coach Program, I understood that there is no endpoint with self-knowledge but the continuation of the incredible holistic journey of being.

I learned that Feeling, Doing, and Living Well is about respecting balance. I’m not an all-or-nothing type; there’s always room for a piece of chocolate and a glass (or two) of wine in my life!

Now together, Luiz and I, firmly believe that food and lifestyle are more than just a combination of ingredients- it is a product of inspiration and imagination.