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Healthy Table


“Let me begin by saying that my husband and I are foodies. We have hosted sit down dinners in Bronxville and the Hamptons, Michelle and Luis blew everyone away with their skills, flavors, presentation and professionalism. It's always a Michelin star type of experience, we highly recommend them for your next event.”
(Matt & Fabi D)

"Michele is stepping into the spotlight with her unique ability to turn the mundane into the sublime. While working with Michele on creating meal plans for my cookbook and app One Meal at a Time I have fallen in love with her approach to cooking and recipe creation. She has a gift for balancing flavor, texture, and nutrients in order to create healthy great-tasting meals that will impress friends and family. Good recipes are just part of what I have learned from this Michele. Tricks and techniques she has taught me, I will use for years to come. Her talent shines like a bright star as she steps into the spotlight with her passion for creating recipes and educating the world on the importance of functional healthy eating. I whole heartedly recommend her for all your cooking needs.”
(Kathy Smith, New York Times best-selling author and fitness titan)

'I have two bookshelves of cookbooks, many bought for one intriguing recipe or colorful pictures. This cookbook has never made it to my bookshelf. I have been using the recipes since the holidays to please my discriminating husband while tricking him into eating hearty and healthy. From the chicken cacciatore to the brown rice with cashews and cranberries, he has eaten every last morsel. The fish recipes were a hit with my in-laws while my friends went on line immediately to order the book after eating the chicken salpicao. And of course the kids loved the desserts and ---- the shrimp. An all round winner--- it allows me to prepare tasty meals from scratch or with a few shortcuts in less than 45 minutes. This little cookbook certainly has brightened up my kitchen this January!'
(Amazon Review)

"The Healthy Table is for anyone who loves to eat great food. Move over, Emeril Luiz knows how to kick it up a notch' without the extra fat and calories!”
(Kathy Smith, Fitness Titan and author)

“Thank you so much for today! You guys were amazing. Everything was impeccable. All my guest were delighted with you two. The food is wonderful and the presentation is a work of art.”
(Anna M)

“I always recommend Luiz to my clientes his recipes are a great part of a healthy lifestyle and, best of all, they're incredibly delicious”
(JAY WILLIAMS, PhD., AUTHOR OF “The 24 Turn around”)