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Healthy Food nowadays is going thru a revolution of creativity. The modern food industry is working together with doctors, nutritionists and chefs in this revolution to create healthy conscious and functional ingredients.

As professional cooks, we search for delicious flavors in every meal we prepare and our best creations have detox, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and low glycemic index ingredients making a well-balanced meal.

We always knew for sure of what we would like to do: a cuisine that combines well-being and flavor. At the same time we were aware that good intention is not enough to set the table. So, in addition to practical experience and study we cherish the chemistry and bioavailability of ingredients. The smallest details makes up an extremely delicious and healthy feast.

One of the most important thing we learned was, just as good company can bring out the best in a person, as ingredients do the same way in a dish. The exact mix of the right elements produces a superior food, with a sophisticated flavor and exceptional benefits to the human body.